Beth Jacobson

Soul Reader & Spiritual Coach of Soul Bright Wellness

Beth has always been tapped in, tuned-in and turned onto things she could not explain. As a psychic, when she was a child she would experience her bedroom was opening up to different realities, realms, portals, vortexes and dimensions.

My Story

Beth has made it her mission to help guide and assist others in their walk of spiritual awakening. As they wake up and lean into embracing their deeper sense of self. 

Soul Bright Wellness

As a child Beth encountered a variety of unexplainable experiences that others could not see.  Things such as shadow people, spirits, Angels, spirit guides, energies, colors, and more.

She had no one to talk to as she experienced these happenings.

She has always had a deep and loving relationship with the Angels of Light.

It has been a journey for Beth to love, accept, and embrace her journey as she awakens to a deeper level of higher understanding.

She is here to share her gifts with others, and hold the space as they awaken to embrace their spiritual gifts as well.

During your Soul coaching and Soul readings, you will find that you feel safe and comfortable as you learn more about what your Soul is asking of you, guiding you towards, and embrace the unexplored knowledge and gifts that you have in store for you to uncover and embrace.

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